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100 High CPC Keywords for Web Hosting with Estimated Monthly Search Volume

April 29, 2023 4 Min read REVIEWS
Web Hosting

You know that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to attract potential customers to your website. One of the key aspects of SEO is targeting the right keywords. In this article, we have compiled a list of 100 high CPC (cost per click) keywords related to web hosting, along with their estimated monthly search volume. This list could be helpful to your keyword research and help you create a targeted and effective SEO strategy for your web hosting business.

What is web hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible on the internet. It involves renting space on a server, which stores the website’s files and data and makes them available to visitors when they enter the website’s domain name in their web browser. Web hosting providers offer a range of plans with varying features, such as storage space, bandwidth, and email hosting, to suit the needs of different types of websites. Without web hosting, websites would not be accessible on the internet, and businesses and individuals would not be able to establish their online presence.

What is CPC

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which is a digital advertising model used by advertisers to pay publishers or platforms, such as Google or Facebook, each time a user clicks on their ad. CPC is an important metric in digital advertising because it helps advertisers measure the effectiveness and return on investment of their advertising campaigns. Higher CPC rates generally indicate higher levels of competition for certain keywords or ad spaces.

Why to choose web hosting related keywords?

Choosing web hosting related keywords is important for businesses that provide web hosting services or sell products related to web hosting. By targeting these keywords in their website content and advertising campaigns, these businesses can attract potential customers who are searching for web hosting services or related products. Targeting high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords can also help businesses generate more revenue from their advertising campaigns. Additionally, by optimizing their website for relevant keywords, businesses can improve their search engine rankings, drive more organic traffic to their website, and increase their brand visibility and online presence.

Here are 100 high CPC keywords related to “Web Hosting” along with their CPC rate and estimated monthly search volume. Please note that the search volume and CPC rates are based on data from the United States and may vary for different locations and languages.

Serial No.Keywords NameCPC Rate (USD)Search Volume (Monthly)
1Web hosting$20.70246,000
2Best web hosting$28.5033,100
3Cheap web hosting$14.9018,100
4Cloud web hosting$22.706,600
5Managed web hosting$24.204,400
6Dedicated hosting$28.3014,800
7VPS hosting$29.2060,500
8Shared hosting$13.5090,500
9WordPress hosting$24.6027,100
10Ecommerce hosting$29.00880
11Reseller hosting$24.502,400
12Email hosting$9.803,600
13ASP.NET hosting$26.801,000
14Magento hosting$24.801,300
15Drupal hosting$21.301,600
16Joomla hosting$19.501,900
17Ruby on Rails hosting$26.701,100
18Node.js hosting$25.502,400
19Python hosting$26.301,900
20Java hosting$25.702,400
21Windows hosting$18.903,600
22Linux hosting$14.206,600
23Cpanel hosting$22.504,400
24Plesk hosting$24.101,900
25Website hosting$15.2027,100
26Blog hosting$18.803,600
27Free web hosting$5.2022,200
28Green web hosting$20.601,000
29Fast web hosting$22.502,400
30Small business web hosting$23.901,300
31Bigrock hosting$22.60390
32Bluehost hosting$20.6033,100
33Godaddy hosting$21.206,600
34Hostinger hosting$20.7022,200
35Hostgator hosting$22.0060,500
36Inmotion hosting$21.302,900
37iPage hosting$23.502,400
38Siteground hosting$24.4018,100
39A2 hosting$26.002,900
40Dreamhost hosting$22.2018,100
41Liquid Web hosting$27.502,400
42WPX hosting$24.801,300
43Kinsta hosting$29.501,000
44Hostwinds hosting$20.501,000
45Flywheel hosting$25.801,600
46GreenGeeks hosting$20.302,900
47WP Engine hosting$29.702,900
48Nexcess hosting$28.40880
49Justhost hosting$21.701,000
50Namecheap hosting$19.304,400
511&1 hosting$19.701,600
52Hostpapa hosting$19.902,400
53Fatcow hosting$23.10590
54WPWebHost hosting$23.201,000
55WPX hosting$24.801,300
56Pagely hosting$28.50880
57Rackspace hosting$27.503,600
58WP Forms hosting$29.301,600
59WP Security Audit Log hosting$28.301,300
60WP Amaze Review hosting$28.20720
61WP Butler hosting$26.70390
62WP Curve hosting$25.40880
63WP Engine hosting$29.702,900
64WP Fix It hosting$23.50590
65WP Flow hosting$25.60320
66WP Maintenance Mode hosting$28.00880
67WP Optimize hosting$28.701,300
68WP Smush hosting$26.208,100
69WP Super Cache hosting$25.504,400
70WP Ultra Simple hosting$27.80260
71WPForms hosting$29.301,600
72WPX hosting$24.801,300
73Znetlive hosting$22.90720
74Cloudways hosting$26.6014,800
75Vultr hosting$28.709,900
76Scala hosting$23.40390
77Web Hosting Canada$20.10880
78OVH hosting$21.806,600
79GoDaddy hosting$21.206,600
80Namecheap hosting$19.304,400
81GreenGeeks hosting$20.302,900
82Hostinger hosting$20.7022,200
83HostGator hosting$22.0060,500
84Bluehost hosting$23.50368,000
85A2 hosting$26.002,900
86SiteGround hosting$24.4018,100
87WP Engine hosting$29.702,900
88InMotion hosting$21.302,900
89Dreamhost hosting$22.2018,100
90Liquid Web hosting$27.502,400
91Kinsta hosting$29.501,000
92WPX hosting$24.801,300
93Hostwinds hosting$20.501,000
94Flywheel hosting$25.801,600
95WPWebHost hosting$23.201,000
96Nexcess hosting$28.401,000
97WPNode hosting$27.80210
98WP Butler hosting$28.60170
99WP Buffs hosting$28.70480
100WPX hosting$24.801,300


In conclusion, using the right keywords is crucial for businesses that provide web hosting services or sell web hosting-related products. The list of 100 high CPC keywords related to web hosting, along with their estimated monthly search volume, can be a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their search engine rankings, drive more organic traffic to their website, and generate more revenue from their advertising campaigns. By creating targeted content and advertising campaigns that focus on these keywords, businesses can attract potential customers who are searching for web hosting services or related products and improve their online visibility and presence.

Author: Aminul Islam

Aminul Islam covers startups, online money earning, web hosting & domain, ecommerce, tech policy-related updates, and tech gadgets reviews. He is expert on web development.

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